Raw Polytab Mural Cloth - 60" Wide

Raw Polytab Mural Cloth - 60" Wide

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Polytab material is an amazing fabric material that can be used similar a mix between canvas and wall paper. It is a great way of being able to paint a mural without having to stay on location to paint the most difficult and time consuming parts. This way you're able to stay in your studio painting those parts and then apply it to the mural when you're ready.

To use the material as a mural cloth all you need to do is prime the canvas with gesso. after painting your image on the polytab, you can then adhere it to the wall with acrylic matte gel. This make the material permanently adhere to the wall. i found that you have about 5-10 minutes of working time before the material starts to become unmovable.

Follow my tutorial below for more information on how I install my polytab murals.



  • This material has been installed on stucco, masonry, and wood surfaces.
  • To prime the fabric, I apply a mixture of acrylic medium and gesso in a 50/50 ratio using a roller. This mix makes it easier to spread. It is important to do this on a flat, even surface and to use plastic sheeting to prevent the material from adhering to the surface underneath.
  • Once the primed fabric is dry, it can be painted. It should be handled carefully to avoid creasing.
  • You can use a wide variety of paints on this part of the process.
  • Prepare the surface where the fabric will be applied, as you would for a typical wall mural. Power washing, removing grease, etc..
  • Apply Nova Gel generously to both the wall and the back of the fabric after it has been primed with gesso.
  • Use a squeegee that will not harm the painted surface to eliminate bubbles and press the fabric against the wall.If they do happen, you can use an razor to cut an x in the are and apply more gel underneath.
  • To achieve a seamless edge, apply a layer of gel over the edge seam and the wall.
  • Do any necessary touch-ups to blend the seams before applying a varnish or other clear coats to the wall.


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