Sound Works

I occupy the spaces at the intersection of traditional contemporary art and sound by using a multiplicity of materials and technology. Each interactive painting/installation is a unique experimentation of the relationship that tangible objects and color have with our interpretation of how they sound. With influences extracted from musical instrument design and abstraction, my work allows the opportunity for audiences to layer each piece with their own personal form of poetry. I employ the use of color and design to create, break and manipulate associations that we attach to sound and shape. Thus, allowing the audience to investigate and unearth their autobiographical imprint of how they relate to color as an object, meaning and thing.

Each individual interaction factors into the physical product of my labor, often accompanied with a collaborating conductor physically creating a stream of sounds (whether it be a music or cacophony abstract noises). It is this multi-sensory experience that is embedded into the painted surface and manifests itself in real-time.

Denver Art Museum

Arvada Center

Studio Experiments