The 5 Pointers

The 5 Pointers is an experiential exhibition, based in the year 2119, in the form of a museum that is dedicated to commemorating the fictional band “The 5 Pointers”. Partnering with Red Bull Music, this exhibit showcased an interactive body of work, where each piece was made to be an instrument that members of the fictional band, The 5 Pointers, performed on. Accompanying the interactive body of work, fictional artifacts and memorabilia about the band members and their musical journey were created. Everything from ticket stubs to future Grammy’s and an electric motorcycle engulfs patrons into the narrative. (Photos by Blake Jackson and Credit Peter Kowalchuk)

This exhibit is dedicated to creating an environment that allows people to ask pertinent questions about the future of music, culture, society and more through a new, but familiar narrative. Questions about climate change, migration, commerce, the look and feel of music, and more will be brought about. During this exhibition, the actual band, created from local musicians, performed on the interactive body of work. 40 plus minutes of original music, with the band’s interpretation of what music sounds like in the future, was composed and performed. Each performance brought to life the story patrons just learned while while learning about the personal artifacts on display.