Denver Nuggets Mural

The Denver Nuggets mural is on the alleyway side of the building located on 1919 E. Colfax Ave, in Denver Colorado. This mural started out as just a fun mural to paint so that I can replace the previous mural that was in disrepair. This mural evolved to be a beacon for the community because of the awesome year that the Denver Nuggets had.

Over the course of three weeks, I slowly added various players and the trophy to express Denver's excitement for the Denver Nuggets. I enlisted my artist friend, "Tuke", to help finalize the mural by adding the lettering "2022-2023 NBA Champions to the top". The mural was then featured in the New York Times, the Athletic, and the NBA's social media accounts and several other media outlets.

Special thanks to the building owner for allowing me to change the mural annually, Julian Donaldson for visually capturing all the moments throughout the painting process, and to Lucia Otero for advocating and setting up a Gofundme to help me pay for expenses. Shoutout to you all that contributed to the Gofundme. It truly helped. And a big thanks to Tuke and Patrick Kane MgGregor for stopping by for artist support.


Download a Flat image of the Mural for personal use!

Feel free to download a hi-res image of the mural for your personal use. Use it as a screensaver, post card, presentations, or whatever you can think of. Just say Detour did it! Enjoy!

Watch the The Process