6 Clauses to have in a contract

6 Clauses to have in a contract

As an artist, you need to protect yourself, as well as your time and money and resources. This video gives you six closets that I use in my contracts, to help me streamline the process of creating artwork for commissions.

Revision Clause:

This clause is all about limiting the amount of revisions the client can have during the design phase.

Loose Rendering Clause:

This informs the client that you are creating a design that will be used to help create the final results but the final results will be vary form the design. The initial design is a loose rendering to show scale, shape, color, feel and energy that will be aimed for while executing the commission

Payment Clause:

This Clause helps to set the Who, What, When, Where and why of how you will be compensated. This can help set expectations and payment goals for the project.

Copyright Clause:

This establishes the copyright expectations for the artwork once the artwork is finished. This can help to eliminate the ambiguity of how you and the client can use the artwork.

Time-frame Clause:

The time-frame is all about the start and completion date of the project. This can give you and the client date to set in the calendar as benchmarks

Obligation Clause:

the obligation clause set the foundation of what you will provide and what the client will provide throughout the project. This is important because you want to make sure you are setup for success.

Template Contract:

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