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The Circle tool - The perfect circle making tool

The Circle tool - The perfect circle making tool

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The Circle jerk tool allows for you to create the perfect circle on a number of surfaces including vertical and horizontal walls. Just by attaching some double sided tape for the appropriate surface, you are able to create a stable and reliable center point to build your design from.

Just run the any string into the top holes and then into the string slot. snap the clips together and them you are able to put any standard size pencil, marker, chalk into the center hole and make your perfect circle.

Kit Includes:

  1. The Circle Jerk spinner

  2. Clip Attachment

  3. 5 foot string

  4. Standard Chalk attachment

  5. Street Chalk attachment

  6. 2X 3M Dual Lock velcro tape squares



  • The Circle Jerk is made with 3D printing and hand-assembled so small imperfections my show. This does not affect the performance of the tool.

  • Colors of the items may vary form the colors of the items pictured above. colors are decided based on the availability of the specific filament used.

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